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Wanda Zielak - z Padoku - Πολωνία



Πρώτα από όλα θα σε ρωτήσω πως και από πότε άρχισες να ασχολείσαι με την εκτροφή;

  First of all I would like to ask you when and how you have started breeding Dobermanns.


  I have started to breed dobermans in 1977. In my first litter four puppies was born and I was very happy. In that way my adventure with dobermans has begun and it lasts for today. I love my job, this beautiful dogs are the sens of my life.

Στο τομέα του χαρακτήρα - ταμπεραμέντου- τι νομίζεις? Υπάρχουν αλλαγές στο μοντέρνο Nτόμπερμαν;


From the point of temperament what do you think? Are there any changes in the character of the modern Dobermanns?



In recent times modern dobermans are more stable, mentally muted but still they have a very good drive for work and high level of temeperament. It costs a lot of breeding work but I think it is a very good work-good for a dogs and their owners.


Μορφολογία; Ή εργασία;


Shows or Work?

Και τ


I think that both things are important and it must be balanced. Dobermann is created for work and sport and it needs it for a good mental development. From the other side it is a beautifull , elegant and very impressive dog, so it is a big pleasure to watch this dogs on the shows.


Τι πιστεύεις για το επίπεδο εκτροφής παγκοσμίως καιμετά στη χώρα σου;


What do you think of the level of breeding internationally and in your country?



In my opinion we have a good level of breeding all over the world. Serious breeding is a very hard work at the root. A good breeder should have a basic genetic knowledge, should have an excellent orientation in available breeding lines and make an inteligent choices. We have a one pattern of dobermann in FCI, but a few types of them in different countries. Breeding is comming in a good direction, we have much better dogs in exterier and mentally.


Για θέματα υγείας τι πιστεύεις;


What do you think about health?



Dobermans health is a very sad problem. This big and strong dog is very sensitive and we can see a lot problems with heart diseases and cancer. Some of the breeding lines are more affected and we must consider this in the selection of breeding pairs.


Τι πιστεύεις για τη HD στη φυλή;


What about HD in the breed?



HD occurs very rarely . Fortunately there is an obligation to do the tests in this direction.


Ποιά τα πιο σπουδαία Nτόμπερμαν αρσενικά και θηλυκά που άφησαν το σημάδι τους στην εκτροφή τηςΠολωνίας?


Which are the most important Dobermanns males and females - that left their sign in the breeding of your country?



Here is the list of the most important females and males. They had a big positive impact on doberman breeding in Poland:
ANITA AFRA Sant Remo (ATAMAN APASZ Cztery ASY & FAZA Atlas )She was mated with DINGO v Grashof and gave an outstanding female offspring in z Zakatka Norberta Kennel :
FAMA z Zakątka Norberta kennel z Padoku
HERA z Zakątka Norberta kennel Dob-Bet
The other outstadnig females in Poland:
CHAIC CANDANCE v Diaspora (Graf QUINTON v Neerlands Stam & UNA UGARTI v Diaspora ) kennel Hellowen
ZUELA z Padoku ( GRAF GUIDO v. Franckenhorst & AYSHA Medusa ) - she is the mother of World Winner 2001 –Gravin Gabi z Padoku

HACIMA z Padoku ( VARAK du Clos des Grognards & GRAVIN HANNa z Padoku )kennel Tira Vento
ERIS z Padoku ( GRAF QURINUS v Neerlands Stam & UNITA z Padoku ) kennel Adoracja
ELZA z Padoku ( GRAF QURINUS v Neerlands Stam & UNITA z Padoku ) kennel Emergo
EMI z Padoku ( GRAF QURINUS v Neerlands Stam & UNITA z Padoku ) kennel Majstersztyk
EVITA z Padoku (GRAF QURINUS v Neerlands Stam & UNITA z Padoku ) kennel z Padoku
Sant Kreal RIORITA ( MATADOR v.d. Rauberhohle & Sant Kreal BARONESSA BRAWO ) kennel z Padoku
Ornella de Grande Vinko (Adamant de Grande Vinko &Grafina Shanel San de Grande Vinko)kennel Daker
HATOR GABI Vigo ( FINITO di Emergo &GRAVIN GABI z Padoku ) kennel Gabi Vigo

FINITO di Emergo ( RANDY Van't Sabbatsveld &ELZA z Padoku) kennel Daker
TYLAN du Clos des Grognards (SOCRATE du Clos des Grognards & NORINN ATHENA du Clos des Gronganrds( kennel z Padoku
Sant Kreal REMBRANDT ( MATADOR v.d. Rauberhohle & Sant Kreal BARONESSA BRAWO ) kennel Bene Meritus
CARLOS z Padoku (SOCRATE du clos des Grognards & VIKTORIA z Padoku ) kennel z Padoku
PAKO Daker (BARON NIKE Renewal & Ornella de Grande Vinko) kennel Daker


Αρσενικά και θηλυκά Nτόμπερμαν που προτιμάς σήμερα παγκοσμίως;


Male and female Dobermanns of today that you prefer worldwide?



I have a lot of my favorite females and males in a worldwide. No one dog is perfect. Breeders must work on and by appropriate selection of pairs strive to excellence.


Ευρωπαϊκό ή Αμερικάνικο;


European or US Dobermann?

Προύand Arthal).


I like both of them.


Το καλύτερο σημείο για το καθένα;


Which is the strongest point of each of them?


  American Doberman have a perfect front and back angulation and well marked forechest. European doberman has a strong bones and excellent head but most important for me is the perfect character.
Τι θα συμβούλευες τους νέους εκτροφείς;   What would you advice to a new breeder?

Να διασ


For a dog breeding we need an open mind, big heart, and a lot of love. The most important is to be honest and the rest will come itself.

Γραμμική αναπαραγωγή, ενδογαμία, ή εξωδιασταύρωση;   Line breeding inbreeding or outcross?



I prefer a reasonable inbreeding.

Τι συμβουλεύεις τους μελλοντικούς αγοραστές;   What would you advice to a future dobermann owner?

Να βαρή κίνηση.


When buying a puppy you need to devote much time to play with him and socialize him, since that depends on how our dog will be in the future. Doberman is a very sensitive and intelligent dog who can learn quickly every good and bad things.

Πια η γνώμη σου για την πιθανή απαγόρευση κοψίματος ουράς και αυτιών; Θα επηρεάσει παγκόσμιατη φυλή;   Your opinion concerning ear cropping and tail docking? Is it possible that a worldwide prohibition will affect the breed?

Ναι ηοια αλλαγή.

  In my opinion-If in all of the countries associated in FCI will prohibit cropping and docking it will not have any impact on breed development.





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