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     Dobermann is a very elegant and impressive dog which that attracts many potential owners. However before buying a dog of this breed you need to consider whether you are able to meet the requirements for a Dobermann puppy's upbringing.

     Dobermann is compactly built and athletic with endurance and speed, so that requires regular exercise and firm lead. You have to realize that it is not enough to get him out three times a day for a short walk around the block to "pee and pile," but you need to create the opportunity various activities. Dobermanns have a short coat without undercoat and absolutely should not be kept outdoor (it concerns Central Europe).
The dog of this breed must be trained from a very beginning. The owner should teach him the correct behavior and confront with any situations of everyday life which could cause stress. It is extremely important in view of its sensitive nature. You cannot leave him alone until he is a year old and after that  require absolute obedience from him. With his education you should be guided by the proverbs: " You can't teach an old dog new tricks" and "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree". 



You have to realize that he is not a dog for everyone and is not suitable as the first dog for novice owners. Dogs of this breed often have a strong character and if they meet a tentative guide,  they may try to take advantage of this and take the lead in the human herd. Given its size and strength everything must be done to avoid it.


     On the other hand Dobermanns are very fragile and crave contact with humans. They can sit for hours in front of his owner and demand a caress. They are relentless in this.

They use their wits and intelligence to draw master’s attention upon himself. They love to sleep in bed!


      When one starts the training of young Dobermann special attention should be paid to consistency in dealing with him. Indeed, he learns very quickly but good things and bad ones too. Absolutely you cannot  show him that he could not listen to his master. When working with a Dobermann proceed gently but firmly. Before you demand something be sure the dog knows well what you mean. In this work the doctrine should be used, “just reward for his good deeds and just retribution for his transgressions”. We use treats as a reward. A perfect reward for a dog is playing with its master.

That is why we teach the dog to have fun with us, either with a ball or another toy. Thanks to that our dog will be always ready to cooperate and focused on the guide.

There is no golden rule for a happy life with the Dobermann but giving him lots  of daily exercise and a lot of feelings, maintaining the consistency and determination at the same time, you will experience many unforgettable moments.

Author: Wanda Zielak - Dobermann Kennel "z Padoku FCI"

Author: Magdalena Krolikowska - Polish Kennel Club licensed trainer, Dog Training Center "VIGOR"


I wrote a book with a friend about our beloved breed Dobermann

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